Important Announcement

Community Mosque Response on George Floyd.

Muslim Community Response to Killing of George Floyd and Its Aftermath

The callous disregard for
human life shown by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for George
Floyd is sadly symptomatic of this country’s unresolved issues of anti-Black
racism and systemic structural racism. In the 21st century, no event
in the United States has triggered such widespread continuous public
demonstrations and calls for fundamental changes to the way that policing is
done in this country. Mr. Floyd’s extra-judicial killing has been protested in
all 50 states and dozens of countries across the world.

The Muslim community in
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County joins in condemning the senseless killing of Mr.
Floyd and other extra-judicial killing by policemen across the country and make
the following demands:

  1.  That a Police Civilian Review Board be
    empowered to investigate abuse, neglect, and discrimination charges against
    officers and make recommendations to the Police Chief on accountability and
    discipline of officers so charged.
  2. That
    city and county law enforcement departments will not hire officers from other
    departments who have been convicted of discrimination and/or abuse.
  3. That
    city and county law enforcement departments will not hire officer candidates
    who are members of white supremacist groups or have been convicted of hate
  4. That
    all law enforcement officers be required to take equitable dispensation of
    justice and racial sensitivity classes conducted by qualified non-law
    enforcement groups. As Muslims, we believe that God has created us all equal
    and that it is a human responsibility to stand by the oppressed until that
    oppression is eliminated. The Muslim community of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County
    recognizes the outstanding job done by most of our officers. The above
    recommendations are designed to help instill greater community confidence in
    our law enforcement departments considering the continued public disclosure of
    misconduct on the part of rogue officers nationwide. We join with others of
    good conscience in walking down the path of justice together.