Simple Habits to Help Poor and Needy!

Simple and Easy habits to start giving back!

Allah has prescribed Charity as one of the 5 pillars of this religion of Islam. To make it into daily practice on helping poor and needy, here is a quick tip.

Whenever you do grocery shopping, towards the end of your shopping just check how much you have spent on the groceries and try to do simple math like below.

Together we help the ones who need the most!

Suppose you have bought stuff worth $50 then try to get something for at least 10% of your spending, in this case it will be $5 and buy something that you can donate to the food bank whenever you happen to get to the mosque.

The Al Maun Food Bank needs your constant donation so that we have food available around the corner for the poor and needy. This is the easiest and affordable way of starting a charity and it will not be overwhelming to do that.

I do the same and encourage my kids to carry on this legacy so that they develop compassion and love for people who need our support.